“Quality is efficiency”
the PBA Eletrical mantra

Designed, manufactured and maintained using high quality materials and leading Industry technologies, Electrical Control and Instrumentation (EC+I) systems deliver optimised performance, safety + quality solutions.

Who We Are

our story

PBA Electrical (Pty) Ltd is an Electrical Control + Instrumentation (EC+I) company, providing custom engineered multi-disciplinary Electrical + Automation Systems + Services.

Established in 2009 to meet industry demand + to fulfil the electrical requirements for the projects undertaken by the PBA Network companies which include:


Operating an Electrical Department + Control System Department for the Design, Manufacture, Commission, Construction + Maintenance of Complete Electrical Systems.

Designed + manufactured entirely by the PBA Network companies, for the efficient development systems endorsed by the SABS + adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring safe + reliable operation.

our mission

To deliver High Quality Solutions that are Fast, Efficient + Cost-Effective, without compromising safety.

our values

The PBA Network companies core values are based on Respect.

Respect for the environment, our local communities, employees, clients + ourselves.

We believe that Respect operates as a proponent for positive change, development + growth. Through transparency + communication we are able to promote growth, providing a safe + fair working environment.

our team

We have a permanent 12-person team of skilled Panel Beaters, Electricians, Technicians + Engineers, contracting additional staff as required by our projects. Support + training for the professional development of our team is integral for the development cutting edge solutions.

where we work

markets + industries

Mobile Modular solutions allow delivery to clients around the world + on-site services to Sub-Saharan Africa, providing clients with remote technical support.
Minerals | Offshore/ Marine Installations | Food + Feed Processing | Chemical Processing | Building | Electrical Engineering

how we work

software technologies

Utilizing the latest technologies combined with our extensive experience + expertise we provide cutting edge solutions for minerals mining and processing.


A structural + detailing analysis of the proposed design prior to development. Results of the analysis provide structural capabilities, eliminating possible design defects + ensuring the safety + integrity of every design.

Auto Desk

AutoCAD + AutoCAD LT
An industry standard 2D + 3D computer aided design software for drafting + 3D modelling, allowing seamless collaboration + integration with other software + systems.

Autodesk Navisworks Manager
3D design software for design review + presentation, with real-time navigation, 4D time simulation + photo-realistic rendering functionality.

Strand 7

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software through use of engineering + mathematical physics problem solving algorithms provide a fully integrated virtual environment for the construction, simulation, analysis + review of technical design models. A thorough + detailed analysis of individual modular elements though digital simulation allows for efficient problem solving + eliminates any possible design defects + associated delays prior to development.

Microsoft Project

A Project Management program for the development + co-ordination of resources, tasks, analysis of workloads + budget management to ensure projects are completed on time + budget.

Bentley Systems

Software solutions for infrastructure design + management, with an AutoCAD integration application. Primarily used to model + design Plant + Isometric piping + structural elements.

Offers an intuitive + integrated multi-material modeller for the design, assembly + management of complex steel + metal work structures.

Software specifically developed for modern plant design, provides an efficient piping + equipment designing tool.


Through the use of a ‘flowsheet aware’ drawing package built into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is able to easily + efficiently generated report quality flowsheets for the use in process related design.